My 3 top tips to help you build a profitable list – fast….

Successful email marketing depends on a responsive list. The problem is that you don’t know if your new opt in is a buyer or a looker, so to begin with, you’ve got to play the numbers game. Get 100 opt ins and 10 may buy once and 1 may go on to become regular customers. Get 1,000 opt ins and you’ve now got 10 regular customers. 10,000 opt ins brings you 100 regular customers. You can improve your conversion rate, but stacking the numbers with a fast growing list will help enormously. That’s why I’ve always put a lot of thought in how I can attract email subscribers. To begin with it was my priority. Even today I’m still in my back office at GetResponse, checking through the numbers – for it’s those numbers that provides the profit that feeds my family. It’s important.

1 I sweated over my newsletter

I invested time into putting together an interesting and timely newsletter and offered it month for free to those who subscribed to my list. My simple newsletter was my most powerful tool. I used to connect with potential customers. It took time to get my voice. I tried to be brief, interesting, relevant and personal. I put options in. I wanted to stand for something. I never held back from making offers. Of course I get unsubscribers every day – that happens. But on the plus side, I get sales.

Yes, I put plenty of offers in my newsletters, because I want to offer plenty of value – and I want plenty of sales. I always try to keep on topic. I stick to my niche. I’ve never really had any problems offering products as long as they are relevant to my niche. I gather information using Apple notes on my iPhone, interesting links, photos and news, and then sit down once a month and put together all my thoughts into that newsletter.¬†Creating a newsletter packed with useful, on topic information was my main success for build my list. And unlike ‘Get a free report’ where subscribers really only should get one download email, when my visitors click on ‘Subscribe to my monthly newsletter’, they are expecting to hear from me every month. That’s a different type of relationship. Much closer and more trusting.

Of course it’s hard work to deliver. That’s why I quickly learnt to set deadlines. I learnt to create in advance a reservoir of good ‘evergreen’ material I could use whenever I was looking at a blank text box. My quality newsletter built my list on its own.

2 Like Santa, I gave away really good free stuff

Everyone loves free. Unfortunately not many people take the time and effort to create something of value to give away free. I wrote reports based on my true experiences. These were invaluable. I was honest, factual and brief. I used a product, kept a diary and recorded my results. I drew out conclusions. These always go down well. I push my free reports with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram advertising. It gives my lists a real boost. Then, via email offers, it gives my profits a real boost.

3 My thought my opt in pages were vital – and I was right

I use social media and social media ads to pique interest. I use spicy and effective headlines which I test and watch the analytics. Over time I’ve learnt what works and what bombs. So my stone cold lead clicks through to my squeeze page. Now my squeeze page has to warm them up. I want them to immediately to fall in love with me and make the decision to marry their future to mine. I want them signup with love in their eyes. So you can see my opt pages have a lot of work to do! That’s why I spend time on them. I use Instabuilder 2.0 because it’s quick and easy and delivers a really stunning end product you can split test. I keep testing because every 1% I add to my conversion rate brings me more money. It’s important to me.

I spend a lot of time creating and tweaking my landing pages. I realise how important they are. They’ve helped me through the years. They’ve made me a lot of money. I’ve never regretted investing time or money on them.

So that’s my 3 top tips for growing a responsive list that will deliver profits. It’s taken me years. I’ve loved every minute as I watched my business grow – and of course, my profits.