Here how I solved my list building problem…

Building my list is vital. And to do that I need a steady stream of reports to give away. But I can’t keep up. So how did I solve the problem?

For my opt in give aways for several years now I have been using IDPlr – a membership site that allows me to download over 12,000 items such as ebooks, graphics, software, WordPress plugins, ready made websites, videos and audios. I used to think of IDPlr as a low grade bookshop where I could grab content for a one off payment. But that library receives new material daily – and the good news is that over the years the material keeps improving. Now there are a wide range of really good training courses. With new stuff arriving every day.

Why am I a member of IDPlr?

First and foremost I believe in investing in myself. That means taking time to keep learning. With this site, I can grab a new training course on a wide range of topics, and keep myself up to date. I use IDPlr as a life long learning programme. I’ve paid $197 for a life membership and to date it’s given me ongoing learning about marketing which I use almost daily.

What’s PLR?

Private label rights (PLR) gives you the right to use the content as if it were you own. That’s right, you can rebrand, call yourself the author, put your links all over it and change the images. That’s the good news. The bad news is that most PLR material is rubbish – and that it’s viewed by Google as duplicate copy (because other people are cut and pasting as well).

There’s 4 good things about IDPlr…

1 Education

I use the new courses to keep myself up to date. While there is still a lot of rubbish, PLR has got a LOT better over the past three or four years. The new material I’ve seen this year has kept me informed about developments in Pinterest, Instagram, Amazon Associates, Facebook Ads. Plus I’ve tested a couple of WordPress plug ins on my sites. All this is covered already in my one-off membership fee, so I’m happy.

2 List Building

It’s hard to keep creating fresh reports to give away on my squeeze pages. But list building is vital to my profits. So I use IDPlr stuff as a basis for my free material. I bring my own experience and imagination so my free stuff is top quality. But starting off with a  well written PLR book certainly saves a lot of time. Also you are constantly getting nudged with new topics each week.

3 Bonuses

Everyone loves to have a free bonus thrown into the deal. But again, it’s tough to keep finding things to give away. So I use IDPlr to find material I can add as a free bonus.

4 Content Marketing

A very important part of my marketing is my blog, my monthly newsletter and my Facebook page. But again it’s hard to create enough top quality material to keep them  interesting. I’ve used freelancers in the past, but found them unreliable, slow and expensive. So I prefer to do it myself. Using PLR material as a basis, allows me to customise a lot of material in a short space of time. And that’s absolutely vital for successful content marketing.

Free Membership

IDPlr offers a free membership, giving you access to over 500+ products, updated monthly. While it seems like a no brainer, I wouldn’t recommend it as you’d be missing out.

Lifetime Membership reduced to $99 from $197

This is the real no-brainer. With over 12,000 items you can download, this $99 offer is tremendous value. I use IDPlr almost daily. It’s become a really vital part of my business, so if you are not a member, now is the time to jump in and start downloading. There’s even a 60 day money back guarantee. But with the constant stream of new stuff, which gets better all the time, it’s not worth missing out.


I’m always honest and transparent. I only recommend things I’ve used and things I love. So I’m letting you know I will earn an affiliate commission for any purchases you make from this site. My goal with is to help educate you to make more money for yourself and your family. I view it as for-profit business and any commission is welcome. It helps to pay for this site.