5 dirty secrets to help you make money with your emails…

From my experience, email marketing is the best way to sell online.

My system is simple – but very effective.

1 Connect ‘cold’ via social media.

2 Offer a free report or newsletter subscription.

3 Use an optin form on a squeeze page collect emails.

4 Use email marketing to turn my list into customers.

However, not all email marketing campaigns are created equal and so it is important that you know how to make the most of your email marketing campaign.

1 Give Them What They Want

The number one rule for to make sure your email marketing succeeds is to give your list what they want. When they sign up to your newsletter, be clear what they will be getting. If your list is getting too big, it will become unresponsive. So either split your list up or use segments. For example, if the list for your tyre business grows, you can set up 2 new empty lists, one for car tyres and the second for motorcycle tyres. Now email the whole of your original list with an offer, coupon, report, freebie, discount or promotion for car tyres. Everyone who opts in or responds, moves into your new car tyre list. Repeat with motorcycle tyres. Everyone who responds moves into your motorcycle list. Now you have three, more targeted lists. 1 car owners, 2 motorcycle owners, 3 a cool list. You can now create different campaigns to deal with each list.

If you have an international list, you can segment contacts by continents and target. It’s a better, closer way to connect. It helps to keep your messages relevant and interesting.

2 Edit Then Edit Again

Once your message has gone out, there’s no bringing it back. Your grammar, spelling and style are just as important as your content. I’ve seen good content spoilt by sloppy spelling. So before I hit the send button, I always do a final check for mistakes. Then I send a test message. I’ll wait a while and open it cold – just as my subscribers will. I’ll try to bring a fresh pair of eyes to the test message. I’ll read it with a notepad in front of me, noting any improvements. I’ll send open my email editor and amend my message. Then test again. When I open up a test email and it reads just as I want, then I can schedule.

3 Create a Publishing Calendar

I’ve learnt through bitter experience that subscribers will forget about you approximately 2 seconds after they sign up. So I try to keep myself in their minds as much as I can. Immediately after the opt in, I create a short autoresponder sequence that introduces them to me over 4-5 days. Then they will get my monthly newsletter, plus other news, offers, discounts and freebies. Subscribers quickly loose interest, so my newsletter is prepared in advance, with a final edit before it goes out. This smooths out my workflow and allows me to allows email on time.

Try missing a month and see how quickly your list cools. The next email you send, they will mark as spam. I have a spreadsheet with my publishing calendar marked out months in advance. I know what I’ll be promoting and when. I prepare my newsletter in advance, to ensure it always goes out on time.

4 Test & Record

Mobile devices and different email clients receive emails differently. For that reason, you should send out a test email to different devices to make sure that it appears correctly. I use iMac, MacBook, iPad & iPhone to view. My emails will look differently on each screen. Once the email goes out, I record on a spreadsheet which list it’s gone to, how many people on the list, my opens and my click throughs. I’ll check the link to see if they have bought, opted in or what ever action I asked for. This gives me a solid view of how effective each email is. Over time it’s invaluable. I’ve built up a swipe file of which subject headers word – I can see the effectiveness of every subject line I’ve ever used. I test out new subject lines and know immediately if it has worked.

5 Know the Spam Rules

Many people send out spam because they don’t know the rules. Read the Can-Spam guide here.¬† ¬†Penalties are severe. Use a double opt in. Here a subscriber will receive an email immediately after they fill in your opt in form. They click on the link on the confirmation email and only then are they are then added to your list. A double opt in will give you a much better quality list – you’ll cut out the time wasters. Also it keeps you away from spamming. I use GetResponse, so every email I send out automatically has my postal address and an unsubscribe link.

Follow these five simple steps will make your email marketing campaign become much more effective – and you’ll get even better over time.